Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine – UK


The second volume of the book Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine by Erik van Woensel is available. Erik van Woensel is a classical homeopath who is well known for his great knowledge of homeopathic materia medica and theory and above all for this methodical way of working. He has an extensive work experience of more than 30 years in which he has treated a great number of patients. In the meantime he gives international lectures on homeopathy and he is (co)writer of various books. The new book includes another 50 cases which are analysed in an extensive methodical way, from prognosis, choices of symptoms, differentiation of remedies, choice of potency to remedy reaction. The variety of cases shows what you can accomplish if homeopathy is applied correctly. Furthermore the book shows how you be more successful by following the right sequence of steps in the analysis. It contains a great number of practical tips regarding the theory and repertory. These tips can be easily found via the index or the symbols in the text. The theoretical part continues where part one has stopped and answers questions which may have been arisen in the theory of volume 1. Information about the content is available via this pdf file. The price for the book is 35 euro excluding shipping costs and including VAT. If you want to order a book, please contact Erik van Woensel.

A few advantages of these series of books:

  • Clear instructions how to analyse a case step by step.
  • Good insight in the prognosis. This is an essential part for good case management.
  • Clarity which symptoms are useful in a cases.
  • Clear repertorisations of the chosen symptoms.
  • An extensive differential diagnoses of the remedies which come up with every case.
  • Information about several homeoapthic remedies, often lesser known symptoms of the remedies.
  • Right choice of potencies and guidelines to choose potenties.
  • A follow-up from at least 2 to sometimes over 20 years.